The Minion and His Small Dick

Posted by admin | Small Cock,Tiny Dick | Wednesday 18 August 2010 3:13 pm

The Minion is an ugly motherfucker but he still gets a lot of pussy. Of course he does, The Minion has his own porn site where he uses his small dick to fuck slutty bitches on camera and share the footage with all his fans. In this hot scene he fucks a cute teen whore that eats his small dick and takes his nasty cum on her face. This teen slut must need that money fucking bad!

Girl Has Fun with Small Penis

Posted by admin | Humiliation,Puny Penis,Small Cock,Tiny Dick | Friday 7 May 2010 3:46 pm

This cute girl got a real laugh out of this tiny dick. This guy knew he would be laughed at, but he had no idea the degree of real small penis humiliation he would be exposed to. You won’t believe how hard he gets laughed at in this scene. His small penis is so small that this babe can hardly wrap her hand around it… she has to use two of her fingers to gently grab that cock.  As you can imagine, this dude was totally humiliated and blushed like a schoolgirl. Next time you show up for a porn scene, make sure you have a nice big cock or you will be subject to your own dose of small penis humiliation.

Small Penis Humiliation

Posted by admin | Humiliation,Puny Penis,Small Cock,Threesome,Tiny Dick | Sunday 11 April 2010 6:34 pm

There is nothing more humiliating than being caught with your pants down and having nothing to show for it but a very little dick. Girls might tell you that size doesn’t matter, but in case you had not figured it out for yourself, they are fucking lying. In today’s scene we watch what happens these two “experienced” sluts get a glimpse of this dude’s pathetic small penis. As you can imagine, they laugh they asses off and the humiliation is almost unbearable. The girls try taking their clothes off and showing him their tits to see if that small penis would grow, but it’s useless. He is simply stuck with a little dick for the rest of his life.

Little Dick Syndrome

Posted by admin | CFNM,Humiliation,Puny Penis,Shriveled Cock,Small Cock,Tiny Dick | Tuesday 2 March 2010 10:48 pm

Mechanics are known for overcharging for their work and of course bragging about the size of their cocks. These three cute girls could smell a scam, and they instantly knew this dude suffered from what is known as little dick syndrome. All they had to do was pull down his pants and spot that shriveled cock and that was all the proof they needed. The girls each start to stroke his tiny penis, hoping it would at least get a bit bigger, but they are left unsatisfied. He does however cum all over the place, and these babes can’t believe his small dick is even capable of that!

Big Ego, Tiny Cock

Posted by admin | CFNM,Humiliation,Puny Penis,Small Cock,Threesome,Tiny Dick | Tuesday 2 March 2010 10:43 pm

Nightclub bouncers are known to have very big egos and like to act like they own the world and everything in it. Usually, this is the case of someone with a very tiny cock. The bouncer in this scene was no fucking exception. He spent the entire night bragging to two sluts about how much money he had, how fast his car was, and of course the size of his dick. He finally got them to go home with him and boy were they in for a surprise. His little dick was about the size of a small pinky, and not only that, but he could barely get it up! Total fucking humiliation!

Two Blondes and a Small Dick

Posted by admin | Blondes,Humiliation,Small Cock,Threesome,Tiny Dick | Tuesday 2 March 2010 10:40 pm

What do two beautiful blonde babes do when they are faced with a tiny dick that is good for nothing? Well, they certainly can’t use it to give them sexual satisfaction, since that cock is so fucking small, and sucking it won’t help either since it won’t grow but half an inch. So the next best thing to do is to ridicule the guy and have a good fucking laugh. He got so humiliated that he left the room with an angry look on his face and did not return. If you have such a little dick, it’s best to keep it hidden in your pants forever!

Little Dicks Are Funny

Posted by admin | CFNM,Humiliation,Shriveled Cock,Small Cock,Tiny Dick | Tuesday 2 March 2010 10:38 pm

Little dicks sure are fucking funny. Well, they aren’t funny to the man who has to go around life with such a miserable excuse for a cock, but they are definitely hilarious to the women who get to see it. The three sluts in this scene have encountered some of the biggest, baddest cocks in porn, so you can imagine how had and long they laughed when this dude whipped out his small cock. Even with an erection that cock was so small that they needed pliers just to grab it. And of course, he could not use his tiny cock to fuck them, so he was a complete waste of everyone’s time!

Three Army Girls Laugh At Little Dick Man

Posted by admin | Humiliation,Small Cock,Tiny Dick | Tuesday 2 March 2010 10:37 pm

These three horny army girls are used to their men packing serious heat sinking missiles under their pants. Well, today they found an old recruit who isn’t going to make it anywhere in life with a small cock like that. As soon as they spotted that tiny dick they all got a good laugh out of it, and you can bet this old fucker felt more than a bit humiliated. They tried taking turns jerking him off, just to see if it would grow at least an inch, but had no luck. His dick was little and was going to stay that way for the rest of his life.

Short Dick Man Gets Laughed At

Posted by admin | CFNM,Humiliation,Small Cock,Threesome,Tiny Dick | Tuesday 2 March 2010 10:32 pm

That dick is too short to please. I don’t know how he intends to please these two horny sluts when his little dick is only about 2 centimeters long. It looks like these mean bitches had a fun time laughing at his puny, tiny little fucking cock. They have to grab it with their fingertips, otherwise they can hardly find it.  It sure must be embarrassing to go through life with a cock that small. The funny part is, it doesn’t matter if he gets a hard-on, because nobody will even notice! It only grows about half an inch anyway! Since babes get themselves boob jobs, maybe these dudes can find a plastic surgeon who can make his little dick just a bit longer.

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