Little Dicks Are Funny

Posted by admin | CFNM,Humiliation,Shriveled Cock,Small Cock,Tiny Dick | Tuesday 2 March 2010 10:38 pm

Little dicks sure are fucking funny. Well, they aren’t funny to the man who has to go around life with such a miserable excuse for a cock, but they are definitely hilarious to the women who get to see it. The three sluts in this scene have encountered some of the biggest, baddest cocks in porn, so you can imagine how had and long they laughed when this dude whipped out his small cock. Even with an erection that cock was so small that they needed pliers just to grab it. And of course, he could not use his tiny cock to fuck them, so he was a complete waste of everyone’s time!

Tiny Little Dick - Small Penis Humiliation CFNM